fresh vegetable spring rolls

These spring rolls are inspired by Vietnamese fresh spring rolls. They’re refreshing, delicious, healthy, and perfect for the summer! They’re super simple to make and very versatile because you can add whatever veggies you desire! So, this isn’t much of a recipe but rather somewhere to get started in making your own variation of this dish!


I’m not listing ingredient amounts here because that depends fully on how many spring rolls you desire to make! This list of ingredients is just what I used this time, but I encourage you to experiment and try your own variations!

rice paper sheets (I used 9″ circles)

alfalfa sprouts

pea sprouts

multicolor carrots, julienned

red pepper, julienned

fresh mint, basil, and cilantro (definitely use one or more of these herbs because it really brightens the dish!)


moisten the spring roll sheets according to package, add veggies, roll, and cut.

serve with peanut sauce (see previous post for recipe) and enjoy!

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