rice pudding with raspberry rose water sauce

This dish is inspired by the Indian dessert kheer. It’s a rich and creamy rice pudding. My variation is cashew based and flavored with vanilla bean, cardamom, and saffron. I served it with a refreshing raspberry rose water sauce and chopped pistachios. Give it a try, and if you post to Instagram, use #plantbasedartist! I’d love to see your creations 🙂 



Yield: about 3-4 servings 

For rice pudding:

1 cup unsweetened cashew milk (plus more as needed, substitute milk of choice) 

1/2 vanilla bean pod (scrape out the seeds with a knife, substitute vanilla bean paste or extract) 

3 tablespoons sugar (or to taste) 

Pinch of salt

Pinch of ground cardamom 

Pinch of saffron 

1/2 cup arborio rice (or another short grain rice) 

Chopped pistachios (for serving)

Fresh mint (optional, for garnish) 

For raspberry rose water sauce:

3/4 cup raspberries (I used frozen)

2 tablespoons sugar

Pinch of salt

2 teaspoons rose water


In a medium sized sauce pan, heat the cashew milk, vanilla, sugar, salt, cardamom, and saffron to a simmer. Stir in the rice and simmer until the milk has thickened and the rice is cooked through. Note: do not rinse the rice before using. The additional starch is needed to thicken the milk. Continue adding cashew milk (up to 1 cup) while the rice is cooking as the milk thickens. When the rice is fully cooked, add more cashew milk until desired consistency is reached. Remove from the heat.

While the rice pudding is cooking, in a separate sauce pan, prepare the raspberry rose water sauce. Heat the raspberries, sugar, and salt at medium heat and mash the raspberries. Stir until the mixture has reduced to the desired consistency (or slightly thicker). Remove from the heat and mix in the rose water. Blend and strain if desired. 

Plate the rice pudding with the raspberry rose water sauce and garnish with fresh mint, chopped pistachios, cardamom, and saffron if desired. Enjoy! 

3 thoughts on “rice pudding with raspberry rose water sauce

  1. This was great! It would be helpful to know exactly how long to cook the rice. I found adding water helped the cooking process. The raspberry rose sauce was AMAZING!


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