Quinoa potato cakes

This is a super quick and simple recipe! I served my quinoa potato cakes with ginger yellow carrot puree, purple yam puree, kale, sesame seeds, and cilantro oil. you can serve yours with anything you like or enjoy them on their own! Give it a try, and if you post to Instagram, use #plantbasedartist! I’d love to see your creations 🙂


1 cup cooked potatoes (boiled, steamed, or baked and mashed)

1/4 cup of carrots, raw and grated

1/4 cup cooked quinoa (I used red quinoa)

1 teaspoon grated ginger

1/2 teaspoon cumin coriander powder

salt and chili powder to taste

cooking oil of choice


combine the cooked potatoes, grated carrots, cooked quinoa, grated ginger, and spices and mix to combine thoroughly. form “cakes” with your hands and pan fry in cooking oil of choice at medium-high heat.

the quinoa potato cakes can be served according to your preference. if you would like to serve it the way I did, I used raw kale, raw sesame seeds, ginger yellow carrot puree (steamed carrots blended with ginger and salt to taste), purple yam puree (steamed purple yams blended with salt), and cilantro oil (cilantro blended with olive oil). enjoy!

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